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Vibe Tumbler - Ole Maine Flag

Vibe Tumbler - Ole Maine Flag

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Elevate every beach trip, weekend trail trek, or good time with the all-new VIBE Speaker Tumbler. Designed with a detachable Bluetooth speaker and spill-proof Lid, it's perfect for the modern traveler, the city dweller, or anyone who enjoys time spent with their favorite beverage and playlist.

: Providing crystal clear sound for up to 8 hours the Vibe's speaker is truly at the heart of the design. The Bluetooth 5.0 software connects seamlessly, and at range to any bluetooth device keeping your favorite playlist, podcast, or audiobook playing even when you're away from your phone. Features changing, dancing lights around the base.

IPx6 Water Resistant. 

Built In Microphone for 2-way calling

Lid: BPA Free, the Vibe's lid is entirely leak-proof making sure your drink stays contained and more importantly ensuring none of that lake water gets in your drink.

Tumbler: Made from kitchen grade stainless steel the Vibe Tumbler is double walled for insulation keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 8. The powder coating on the outside ensures the color last for years and provides a slip-resistant grip

The Vibe Tumbler is dishwasher safe when kept on the top rack. It can also be hand washed. DO NOT MICROWAVE

Lid: The lid is dishwasher safe on the top rack. The colored slider can be removed to clean underneath it using a flat head screwdriver or butter knife.

Speaker: The Vibe Speaker can be washed using fresh water. Ensure to dry throughly before powering on. The Speaker should be washed with fresh water after contact with salt water to avoid corrosion.
Micro USB Charging Cable included

To power on the speaker hold down the middle power button for a few seconds.

Connect to the speaker through your bluetooth device. Device name will be "Fireside Outdoor Vibe"

We recommend turning the volume on the speaker all the way up. You can do this by holding down the right button until the speaker says "Max Volume Reached"

The left button can be used to skip backwards in a playlist, the middle button will pause/unpause the playlist or answer an incoming phone call, the right button can be skip forward in a playlist.

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